9 Places to Purchase your Wedding Dress on a Budget

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If you’ve ever watched shows such as Say Yes to the Dress, then you know that wedding dresses can be expensive. Like ‘down payment on a house’ expensive. It can be intimidating for newly engaged brides because, like most of us, they go into bridal shops expecting to spend thousands on one dress.

And if that three thousand dollar dream gown is your splurge, then go for it! But if you’re wanting to save money on your dress without sacrificing looks, then read on!

The words ‘cheap’ and ‘bridal gown’ are rarely thought of as a good thing when put together, but what if I told you that isn’t always the case? I’ve done some research and discovered some great gems and tips on finding your dream dress while staying within your budget!

Before diving in, I only ask you to do one thing: keep an open mind (about everything! From shopping online to trying on styles you don’t think you’ll like).


© Maddie Blecha Photography

Website: www.lulus.com
Price Range: $36 – $450 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: Boho; Simple; Minimalist; Simple Classic; Modern; Jumpsuits
Extras: Available Fit Expert chat to help purchase the correct size

If your style is more casual or boho, I highly recommend checking out the dresses from Lulus. They are comfy and simple without losing the elegance and grace of a wedding gown. Dress up or down with pumps or flats.


© Opal and Jaye Photography

Website: www.asos.com
Price Range: $113.25 – $664 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: Classic; Boho; Simple; Minimalist; Modern; Modest
Extras: Bridal Lingerie also available for purchase

A quick browse through the Wedding Collection from Asos shows quite a wide variety of gowns to choose from. Whether you want long or tea-length, classic or boho, you’re sure to find an option to please!


© Azazie

Website: www.azazie.com
Price Range: $109 – $799 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: classic; boho; princess; modern; modest; simple
Extras: You can order the dress to try on! Doesn’t fit? Send it back without a worry!

Azazie is an incredibly popular website for purchasing wedding gowns (and bridesmaids dresses!) and that’s due to two main factors: their gorgeous selection and their try on program! You can order a dress online without worrying about being stuck with a dress that doesn’t fit.


© Torrid

Website: www.torrid.com
Price Range: $198 – $258 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: Boho; simple; classic
Extras: Plus size!

Being a curvy bride does not have to be daunting. I myself have my fair share of curves so I understand the daunting idea of dress shopping in a seemingly size 2 world! However, Torrid offers a lovely selection of plus size bridal gowns that enhances your beautiful body and will make you feel like a million bucks!

David’s Bridal

© Trickey Photography

Website: www.davidsbridal.com
Price Range: $79.95- $1,774 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: All Styles
Extras: Can search dresses online before trying on in store

David’s Bridal is likely the most well known bridal salon in the states. Some may scoff at going to David’s, but quite honestly they have some beautiful dresses that are affordable, especially if you are able to snag a clearance dress.


Your Local Bridal Salon

Website: N/A
Price Range: Varies
Styles Available: All Styles
Extras: You’re supporting a local business!

Visiting your local bridal salon seems counterintuitive to saving money or unconventional dress shopping, but a lot of people don’t realize that bridal shops have dresses on clearance at all times!

Salons are constantly selling sample dresses from the previous season at extremely discounted prices! In fact, I bought my own bridal gown which originally cost $995 at a local shop on clearance for $250!

Facebook Marketplace

Website: Facebook
Price Range: Varies
Styles Available: Varies
Extras: You’re likely to find amazing deals

People list wedding dresses on marketplace a lot in my area and probably yours too! You can find both used dresses and new dresses for great prices!



Website: Etsy.com
Price Range: Varies
Styles Available: Varies
Extras: You’re supporting a handmade business

I forget about Etsy all too often and sadly miss out on finding some unique pieces. For instance, I never thought to check Etsy for bridal gowns but they have some of the most beautiful dresses I’ve seen! You can even find someone to custom make a dress to be exactly what you want! Sounds like a perfect splurge to me.


Website: Amazon
Price Range: Varies
Styles Available: Varies
Extras: free shipping for Prime users & free returns on many dresses

I know, I know… Amazon can get a bad rap when it comes to things like this. But you can actually find amazing deals on Amazon (not just for your dress! Amazon can be a treasure trove of wedding goodies). Above all else, read the reviews!!

Edit: Dainty Jewells

© Dainty Jewells

Website: www.daintyjewells.com
Price Range: $42 – $146 at the time of this writing
Styles Available: Simple; Elegant; Tea Length; Modest
Extras: you’ll be supporting a small female owned & operated business!

Yep, you get an extra dress shop! Dainty Jewells is such a great shop to purchase simple, elegant bridal dresses. It is a small U.S. based shop that offers modest, simple yet elegant dresses. This shop is also a fantastic place to purchase bridesmaid’s dresses!

Now that you’re armed with all these super awesome places to find your perfect dress, it’s time to get at it!

If you’re nervous about shopping online, visit a bridal shop just to try on to find the style you like! Then go from there.

No matter what, you’re going to look gorgeous!

Until next time, keep your pretty head up and your purse strings tight!

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