Top Budget Wedding Cakes

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Getting a wedding cake for cheap can seem impossible if you focus solely on bakeries and solo bakers. And don’t get me wrong, their artistry is worth that cash.

But if you’ve decided that a huge glamorous cake isn’t one of your budget priorities (and yes, you better have a budget already), that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have a cake wreck.

Most of us know that major grocery chains have bakeries that make generic birthday cakes and the like. But did you know they also do tiered wedding cakes?!

Yes, your local Walmart makes stacked wedding cakes and believe it or not, they actually look pretty good!

Now you’re not going to get a massively detailed masterpiece, but the cakes they offer will look nice and taste pretty darn good all for as low as $30!

Sam’s Club

Price: $69 for a three tiered cake; $49 for a two tiered cake

Y’all, you really cannot beat $70 for a three tiered wedding cake! And they offer a pretty decent variety including a cute rustic option that features Burch bark on two tiers.

You can also request just a plain white tiered cake which you can gussy up yourself with fresh flowers which is actually a great way to make that $70 cake seem much more expensive.

You will have to be a club member to purchase a cake, however (or find a family member or friend who’s already joined!)


Price: $140 for three tiers; $60 for two tiers

Ahh, Walmart. The origin of many of my birthday cakes as a child (and now, I’m not ashamed).

Walmart’s selection is actually really modern for a big box store! Plus you can customize the icing colors to match your theme.



Price: $115+ (includes delivery!)

If you live in the south, then you know the glorious wonderland that is Publix.

Their cakes are delicious, they have many options from buttercream to fondant, and they’ll deliver up to a certain distance!

But it does cost more than the other options. If it fits in your budget, though, it’s a great compromise between standalone bakery and big box store.

B.J.’s Warehouse

© B.J.’s Wholesale Club

Price: $29.98 for two tiers

B.J.’s is another wholesale store which means, of course, you’ll need a membership to purchase a cake.

Their options are also rather limited compared to the others.

However their two tiered cake is the cheapest option of all the cakes listed here.

If you haven’t made your budget left, don’t do anymore wedding planning until you do just that!

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